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Colostrum has sooner or later depends on the body toàn thân of the pregnant mother. Colostrum acts as a very good antibiotic for the baby"s health without any side effects. This can be considered a natural vaccine that is absolutely safe for babies. So how many weeks pregnant women have sầu colostrum?
The milk secreted in the mother"s toàn thân during the first 48 hours after birth is called colostrum. In colostrum, in addition to abundant nutrition, there is also a large amount of natural antibodies that increase the immunity of the baby, protect the digestive sầu tract và prsự kiện pathogens for the newborn.
Colostrum is formed in pregnant women when they are 7 months pregnant (about 24-28 weeks) onwards. Signs of colostrum that you can observe is that the nipples have sầu tiny White spots lượt thích acne, the breasts are tight và painful (similar to the phenomenon of engorgement after giving birth), making the pregnant mother feel itching và discomfort. When pregnant women have sầu these signs, in a few weeks, colostrum will be secreted. Colostrum is only abundant in the first 48 hours after giving birth. If the mother is pregnant at 7 months without colostrum, then there is no need to lớn worry because colostrum is only secreted a lot when the baby suckles soon after birth, when the baby suckles, the mammary glands will be stimulated to lớn make milk came in abundantly and continuously. When you are pregnant, the amount of colostrum flowing more or less will depover on many different factors. Pregnant women need lớn avoid improperly squeezing or cleaning breasts, which will stimulate the uterus, leading to lớn some abnormal conditions during pregnancy.
The color of colostrum will depover on the body of each person. Normally, colostrum will be milky trắng, orange, yellow, light yellow, sometimes transparent. Colostrum is thiông xã and slightly sticky. Nutritionists consider colostrum as "liquid gold" because of its nutritional value as well as its importance lớn the health of infants.
There have been many studies proving that colostrum has 10 times higher nutritional value than transitional milk (6 - 10 days postpartum) và permanent milk (day 11 onwards). Colostrum brings many benefits lớn babies, including: Colostrum as the best natural antibiotic for babies: Mothers should breastfeed their babies as soon as possible. In colostrum not only contains perfect nutrients, but also contains living cells that are antibodies that stimulate the body lớn create natural antibodies to lớn protect the newborn from pathogens. Therefore, colostrum is considered an absolutely safe antibiotic for babies because it does not have any side effects. Colostrum helps the baby"s brain develop well with ganglioside group. This substance not only helps the infant"s brain develop early, but also helps protect the intestinal system, fight intestinal inflammation. Colostrum contains less fat which makes it easy for the baby khổng lồ absorb & digest. Colostrum also has a laxative sầu effect, stimulating the baby"s body to secrete stools lớn help eliminate excess bilirubin. Thereby preventing types of jaundice, sensitization & allergies.

5. Abnormal signs of colostrum

As mentioned above, usually at the 7th month of pregnancy, colostrum will appear. There are cases of early colostrum in the 4th, 5th, 6th month of pregnancy. This is not an unusual phenomenon, but in order not lớn be subjective sầu, pregnant women should go to lớn the doctor khổng lồ be assigned a kiểm tra lớn solve the problem. khổng lồ rule out other unusual causes. Some warning signs of danger for pregnant women when there is early colostrum such as: There is colostrum secreted a lot in the 5th, 6th month of pregnancy, the possibility of stillbirth. It should be detected early & removed the fetus lớn avoid affecting the mother"s life. Early colostrum with vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain: These are abnormal signs related lớn too high prolactin levels in the blood, which affects the function of the placenta and the normal development of the fetus. There is early colostrum with blood: need khổng lồ see a doctor immediately because this is a sign of a problem with the mother"s health. The above are warning signs only. Pregnant women bởi vì not have sầu lớn worry too much about cases of early colostrum, but their health is still completely normal. Mothers just need to lớn pay attention lớn their health by visiting regularly to detect any abnormal signs in time. The antenatal check-up in the last 3 months is very important because this is the most sensitive sầu time of pregnancy, with only small abnormalities can also be signs of premature birth, stillbirth. Therefore, pregnant women should actively conduct regular antenatal check-ups lớn monitor the baby"s health and take early intervention measures. To protect the health of the mother và baby comprehensively as well as help the mother feel more secure during labor, provides a package Maternity service. With this package, the mother will have sầu regular antenatal check-ups và routine tests to monitor her health. The fetus is monitored for fetal heart rate & uterine contractions by obstetric monitor at 37-40 weeks of expected time of delivery. If the baby is born prematurely, they will be cared for and raised with international standards. Premature births are organized in a methodical manner under the coordination of many specialties: obstetrics, anesthesiology, và especially neonatology & paediatrics. This helps lớn reduce the risks và increase the effectiveness of treatment for health problems that premature babies may have. After each examination, the doctor will analyze the results and advise on nutrition và rest suitable for each person"s condition so that mother & baby can have sầu the best health khổng lồ prepare for a safe birth. round mother & square child. For detailed information about all-inclusive maternity service packages, please tương tác the hospitals & clinics of Health system nationwide.

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