Most Excel users don’t realize there’s a whole world of spreadsheet add-ins just itching lớn make their jobs — & lives — so much easier.

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There are add-ins to boost your productivity, and even add snazzy visualizations to lớn make your spreadsheets stvà out from the snoozefests you’re used lớn. Others can help you run your business more effectively, study smarter, và save sầu time analyzing your data.

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To help you navigate all these awesome options, today we’ll be exploring the top 50 (mostly free) Excel add-ins together, broken down into lớn 8 categories:

You can quickly jump around lớn the add-ins you specifically need, but we highly encourage you to read our guide in its entirety so you can discover all the add-ins you’ve sầu been missing out on.

Boost productivity

To start, let’s jump right in with the top 5 Excel add-ins lớn make you more productive sầu.

ASAP Utilities add-in

Visually jazz up your spreadsheets

Keeping your charts organized và easy to understand will also help you shave sầu time off your busy day. Here are the best Excel add-ins to lớn up your spreadsheet game.

Excel Colorizer add-in

Create quality charts not found in Excel

Ever want to take your Excel charts to the next level? Say hello khổng lồ the add-ins that make those boring standard charts a relic of the past.

Ultimate Dashboard Tools

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Study more efficiently and give sầu better presentations

The next set of add-ins will help you study more efficiently and give your presentations the boost they need.

GIGRAPH Network Visualization add-in

Manage & simplify finances

The next bunch of Excel add-ins makes the chore of managing your finances less overwhelming.

Professor Excel Currency Converter add-in

Optimize kinh doanh và branding

Hoping khổng lồ improve your marketing & branding efforts? You don’t want to lớn miss this next group of Excel add-ins.

SEO Tools for Excel add-in

Analyze data more efficiently

If you’re also looking to analyze your business as a whole (và not just your marketing efforts), the next mix of add-ins has you covered.


Risk add-in

Miscellaneous Excel add-ins

Curious about all the other add-ins we haven’t categorized yet? The next add-ins will help you in a variety of different ways.

Random Generator add-in

Start using Excel add-ins today

By taking advantage of one (or more) of these Excel add-ins, you’ll not only save sầu a ton of time in your super hectic day, you & your spreadsheets will become ultra-effective sầu, mega efficient all stars.

Whether you’re looking lớn create a better presentation or study smarter for finals, this các mục has every add-in you could possibly need. To up the ante further, check out our compilation of the best Excel templates.

So feel miễn phí lớn giới thiệu this resource with everyone you know struggling with their spreadsheets & they’ll thank you for improving their productivity as well!

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Hello friend,You can add my excel add-in in the list. It's miễn phí và it has various can be tải về from the below link.ải về.html



Very interesting, But I am looking for an addin that can grab a whole webpage, Select All from it & Copy, all within excel. I will use it for my ancestry retìm kiếm khổng lồ grab data from a website & import it into a spreadsheet I have written. I will be looking to get the addin to lớn repeat the process several dozen times automatically. Do you know of any such addin??



Very useful! Keep going! You can also check this article to lớn learn amazing things you can vì with Excel:

* User

Great danh mục, there are so many useful add-ins available. We think you would find our Excel-to-Word Document Automation Add-in very helpful. You can update text, charts và tables from Excel to lớn PowerPoint or Word.



You can use Dose for Excel Add-In which provides more than +100 Features that really make your life much easier, check their trang web in below:



Hey Devan,50 out of 50. Great. But you missed #51

* User

Great post, all very useful tools. Please add the AIRT add-in from It falls in to lớn several of the categories as it encompasses all sort of tools for accountants. Thanks, Mike