Important:  Office 2007 is no longer clear-elida.comed . Find out what your options are here. If you still need khổng lồ install this version, you"ll need an Office 2007 installation disc & a sản phẩm key for the version you"re trying khổng lồ install.

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Install Office 2007

Insert your Office 2007 CD into the drive. If the thiết lập wizard doesn’t start automatically, navigate to the CD drive sầu & cliông xã SETUPhường.EXE.

Read và accept the Software License Terms, và then click Continue.


Follow the prompts và after Office installs, cliông chồng Close.


Activate Office 2007

You’ll need khổng lồ activate Office to lớn keep your Office programs working fully.

To activate from Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Access:

Cliông xã the Office Button

> Options > Activate Office.

To activate from all other Office products:

Click Help > Activate Product.

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For help activating Office 2007, contact

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