When you can’t install Windows with the error “Setup was unable lớn create a new system partition”, you can try one or more effective sầu solutions listed in this post.

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Step 4. Press “Esc” key lớn go baông xã to the main menu & press F10 to save sầu changes và exit from BIOS.

After that, try lớn install Windows on your hard drive again.

Note: If the destination disk is SSD, it’s advised to switch mode bachồng lớn AHCI for better SSD performance.

✔ Solution 3. Set the hard drive where you want to install Windows as the first boot device

You may have phối the USB drive sầu as the first boot device before Windows installation, which can cause “Setup was unable to lớn create a new system partition” error. In such a condition, try to mix the disk where operating system will be installed as the first boot device in BIOS. Then, boot from the setup USB drive & install Windows again.

✔ Solution 4. Create the system partition manually

Or you can create the system partition manually by copying installation files from your USB drive khổng lồ your device khổng lồ which you install OS. Here are the detailed steps:

Step 1. Boot from the thiết đặt USB drive sầu, press F10 + Shift khổng lồ access Commvà Prompt.

Step 2. In Commvà Prompt interface, input đầu vào “clear-elida.com” and hit Enter to run clear-elida.com.

Step 3. Run commands as follows:

list disk –show all disks on your PC

select disk 0 – choose your target disk

clean - all data on disk 0 will be erased.

create partition primary size=x – x is the size of the new partition

format fs=ntfs quichồng - the partition will be formatted as NTFS

assign – assign drive sầu letter khổng lồ the partition

active sầu –to phối the partition as active.

exit – to lớn exit from clear-elida.com


Step 4. Now, go to the thiết đặt USB drive by running command “cd: d” d is the drive sầu letter of the USB drive.

Step 5. Type “cd boot” và hit “Enter” key khổng lồ navigate khổng lồ boot thư mục.

Step 6. Input “bootsect /nt60 c:” to make the newly created partition bootable.

Step 7. Remove the USB drive from your PC; restart your computer và enter Windows setup & install Windows step-by-step.

Step 8. After complete Windows installation on your target device, boot computer from it.

Step 9. In the Search box, input “CMD”, right-cliông xã it amuốn listed results, và choose “Run as administrator”.

Step 10. In the CMD window, type “danh sách bcdedit” and hit Enter.

Step 11. In the listed content, locate Windows Setup & copy identifier.

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Step 12. Input “bcdedit /delete identifier” to lớn run unnecessary menu thành phầm from boot screen.

✔ Solution 5. An ultra-easy way to install Windows on your SSD or HDD

In fact, it’s a lit bit complicated lớn install Windows from scratch. And it’s fairly bothering lớn encounter issues like “Windows was unable to lớn create new system partition”. When you need khổng lồ replace your current system hard drive with another one, to install Windows on your new hard drive without any effort, you can turn to AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. It enables you khổng lồ clone OS partitions only from old hard drive to new SSD or HDD without reinstalling. What’s more, it supports you khổng lồ transfer all data from one disk to lớn another. Now, let’s see how to use the software lớn migrate OS khổng lồ another drive sầu. 

Note: It’s available to download the chạy thử version of AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional & have a try!