Background: In February 2017, all Visual Studio 2010 ISO image tải về liên kết stopped working. As a result, at least a few questions requesting tải về liên kết to lớn the ISO images were soon deleted.

Bạn đang xem: Visual studio 2010 sp1 : microsoft

However, there are some questions still remaining asking (approximately) the same thing. These are all I"ve sầu found:

The last one of those actually has a recent answer that says the ISO image is available lớn MSDN subscribers.

What should be done with those questions? My suggestion would be to:

Delete all above questions except the last one và redirect them to the last one if possible.For the last question, cthua kém it and delete all answers except the most recent one.

Most answerers and questioners (those who have score >= 3) wouldn"t thất bại their reputation as the result of the deletions.

There are also some very related questions asking something about VS 2010 downloads, most of which should probably be handled somehow:

discussion clean-up broken-liên kết
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Vadlặng Kotov
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Questions asking which tool/off-site resource to use or where lớn find it are off-topic và should get closed as such.

Questions about how to lớn install programming tools are borderline between SO và As a rule of thub:

if the installation question requires programming domain name knowledge, in this case knowledge about C++, libraries, the Visual Studio IDE or RAD functionality etc, then it is on-topic.if the installation question is regarding non-programming topics, such as Windows or PC issues during installation of a generic piece of software, it should be closed as off-topic.

If you have gathered a collection of bad questions that should get closed, I would recommover you lớn join the SO Cchiến bại Vote reviews chat & directly ask for help from other users khổng lồ close these questions.

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answered May 4 "17 at 11:30

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