Windows 7 Professional ISO Free Download Full Version Genuine ISO 64 bit (x64) and 32 bit (x86). Original official ISO downloaded from Microsoft VPS. Windows 7 Pro is the best và fullest edition of Windows 7.

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Windows 7 Professional ISO Free Download Full Version Genuine ISO 64 bit (x64) and 32 bit (x86). Original official ISO downloaded from the Microsoft VPS.

Microsoft released Win7 in multiple versions like Basic, Home Basic, Education, Professional, Ultimate, và Enterprise edition. You can download Windows 7 all editions on Windowsrã.

Windows 7 Professional ISO ReviewWindows 7 Professional ISO FeaturesWindows 7 Pro (August 2018)Windows 7 Pro (Service Paông xã 1)

Windows 7 Professional ISO Review

Windows 7 Professional (aka Win7 Pro) is the most favorite edition. Most of the features that you know and need are available in the Pro edition of Windows 7. It is the most suitable OS for most users.

Pro edition has more features than Starter, Home Basic, & trang chủ Premium. Windows 7 Ultimate & Enterprise offer more features than Professional edition, but those features are usually not needed unless you have a large business organization. Windows 7 Pro is enough for professionals & small businesses.

Win 7 Pro UI

Win 7 Professional rocks for its superb UI and graphics. Its glassy look and pleasant animation make it look better than Windows Vista.

Here are some salient graphics và UI features:

Aero UI

Aero UI is the best theme style in Windows OS ever! It makes Windows 7 Professional look better than any other version of Windows OS, including Windows 10.

Aero UI consists of the following main visual elements:

Aero PeekAero SnapsAero ShakeAero Background

These Aero visual components make Win 7 look very attractive.

Windows Search allows you to lớn search anytime straight from the Start thực đơn. This tìm kiếm is much faster and very accurate as compared khổng lồ previous versions of Windows.

Live sầu taskbar preview for Windows Explorer is a decent và useful feature. It is helpful, especially for users who work with multiple windows.

Tip: Win 7 Professional is perfect for most people. However, if you think missing some features và want khổng lồ enjoy all features, tải về Windows 7 Ultimate edition ISO from Windowschảy.

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Windows 7 Professional ISO Features

Windows 7 Professional ISO availability và price features

Available featuresRetail packagingCan purchase electronicallyPricing: Full version: $299.99Pricing: Upgrade version : $199.99Bundled with new PCs in major marketsWindows Anytime Upgrade (WAU)WAU pricing/To Ultimate: $129.99Virtualization rights (Can be installed in a virtual environment)Missing features


User interface features of Windows 7 Professional ISO

Available featuresWindows Basic UIWindows Standard UIWindows Aero UI (“Glass”)Aero PeekAero SnapsAero ShakeAero BackgroundLibrariesWindows FlipWindows Flip 3DLive sầu Taskbar PreviewsLive sầu Pnhận xét (Explorer)Jump ListsWindows SearchMissing features


Windows 7 Professional ISO security features

Available featuresMore granular UACAction CenterWindows DefenderWindows FirewallIE 8 Protected Mode và DEP. supportWindows Update (can access Microsoft Update)Fast User SwitchingParental ControlsMissing features


Windows 7 Professional ISO performance features

Available featuresWindows ReadyDriveWindows ReadyBoostSuperFetch64-bit processor supportPhysical processor support: 2Processor core support: UnlimitedMax RAM (32-bit) : 4 GBMax RAM (64-bit) : 192 GBMissing features


Reliability features of Windows 7 Professional ISO

Available featuresWindows BackupSystem imageProblem Steps RecorderBackup lớn networkEncrypting File System (EFS)Automatic hard disk defragmentationPrevious VersionsCreate & attach (mount) VHDMissing featuresBitLockerBitLocker To Go

Windows 7 Professional ISO bundled applications

Available featuresInternet Explorer 8Windows Gadgets and GalleryPurble Palace, Solitaire, Spider Solitaire)Backgamtháng, Internet Checkers, Internet Spades, Mahjong Titans)CalculatorPaintSnipping ToolSticky NotesWindows JournalWindows Fax and ScanWindows PowerShell and ISEWordPadXPS ViewerMissing features


Windows 7 ISO Digital truyền thông và devices

Available featuresWindows Phokhổng lồ ViewerBasic pholớn slide showsWindows Media Player 12 with Play ToWindows Media Player Remote Media ExperienceMPEG-2 decodingDolby Digital compatibilityAAC và H.264 decodingDVD playbackWindows Media CenterNumber of TV tuners supported: 4 of each type (analog, digital, etc.)Windows DVD MakerDevice StageSync CenterMissing features


Windows 7 Professional ISO networking features

Available featuresSMB connections: 20Network and Sharing CenterHomeGroup sharingAd-hoc network create & joinImproved power managementConnect khổng lồ a ProjectorRemote DesktopRemote Desktop HostIIS Web ServerRSS supportInternet Connection SharingNetwork BridgeOffline filesMissing features


Mobility features of Windows 7 Professional ISO

Available featuresWindows Mobility CenterWindows Sideshow (Auxilliary display)Sync CenterTablet PC functionalityMulti-Touch supportMissing features


Windows 7 Professional ISO enterprise features

Available featuresDomain join (Windows Server)XP. Mode licensedLocation-aware printingMissing featuresAppLockerBoot from VHDBranchCacheDirectAccessFederated Search (Enterprise Search Scopes)Multilingual User Interface (MUI)Language PacksSubsystem for UNIX-based Applications

Windows 7 Pro (August 2018)

Windows 7 Professional ISO (32-bit) Download

File Name:clear-elida.com_7601.24214.180801-1700.win7sp1_ldr_escrow_CLIENT_PROFESSIONAL_x86FRE_en-us.iso File Size:3.77 GB

Windows 7 Professional ISO (64-bit) Download

File Name: clear-elida.com_7601.24214.180801-1700.win7sp1_ldr_escrow_CLIENT_PROFESSIONAL_x64FRE_en-us.iso File Size: 5.49 GB

Windows 7 Pro (Service Paông chồng 1)

Windows 7 Professional ISO (32-bit) Download

File Name: clear-elida.com_en_windows_7_professional_x86_dvd.iso File Size: 2.39 GB

Windows 7 Professional ISO (64-bit) Download

File Name: clear-elida.com_en_windows_7_professional_x64_dvd.iso File Size:3.09 GB

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